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24678Re: [Yuricon] Not quite on topic, but I need an answer. How do you deal with fanboys?

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  • Resop
    Mar 5, 2008
      --- Joy Bordador <haruka173@...> wrote:

      > Hi all.
      > I don't claim to be the world's greatest and/or most knowledgeable yuri fan,
      > but right now, please tell me if this is right or wrong.
      > Some male fanboy over at one of the forae I help moderate keeps pushing that
      > futanari is the same as yuri.

      I would disagree, but my opinion would mean nothing to a male fan boy.

      And, although this parable is unlikely to make him think, it might be good for
      a laugh:

      You're reading a doujinshi that features a relationship between two futanari.
      One is a tachi (butch) and the other is a neko (femme). However, the neko is
      taller. Who wears the pants in the relationship, and why?

      If he says that the neko wears the pants because it would look wrong for the
      taller person to be bossed around by the shorter person, then he's equating
      their relationship with yaoi, so a futanari and a girl wouldn't be yuri.

      If he says that the neko wears the pants because the tachi is overcompensating
      and girly girls rule, then maybe in his mind futanari and a girl would be yuri.

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