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24673Re: Not quite on topic, but I need an answer. How do you deal with fanboys?

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  • crimsonlotus20
    Mar 5, 2008
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      Just my random thoughts, but, the way I understand it, futanari is a
      sort of highly graphic sublimation of male desire through the
      transposition of the female experience in lesbian sex with the crucial
      adjunct of a penis so that the male reader can mentally correlate the
      images he is enjoying with a familiar sensation. Conversely, even its
      most graphic forms, yuri, strict speaking, ought to make reference to
      elements of the female sexual experience without having to resort to
      'masculinising' them to such an extent that they are immediately
      intelligible to a male reader. These are, of course, crude
      generalisations, but, on the whole, futanari is effectively
      heterosexual sex (correct if this is an oversimplification) which
      makes leverage on certain elements of lesbian erotica, though
      subordinating them to a male experience. Conversely yuri, at least in
      theory, ought to be faithful to a distinctly female (though not
      necessarily feminine) approach.

      Futanari is, in a sense, the male equivalent of penis envy: the
      glorification of an idealised female form (complete with breasts)
      which still possesses that vital element of masculinity (the penis),
      creating a comfortable 'interzone' in which constructs of masculinity
      are not seriously challenged, but wherein the conceptualisation of a
      separate erotic universe is feasible. So, to make a long story short,
      futanari is not IMHO yuri by any stretch of the imagination (though,
      arguably, it reflects some elements of those lesbian sub-cultures
      which endorse the use of phallic surrogates). Much like shotacon or
      yaoi, it is a distinct genre and really involves the simple
      transposition of a familiar erotic experience into another genderised
      or trans-genderised form. Nothing more and nothing less.

      My very best regards,


      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Joy Bordador <haruka173@...> wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > I don't claim to be the world's greatest and/or most knowledgeable
      yuri fan, but right now, please tell me if this is right or wrong.
      > Some male fanboy over at one of the forae I help moderate keeps
      pushing that futanari is the same as yuri. I keep trying to tell him
      that futanari = shemale (though the politically correct term may be
      either transsexual or hermaphrodite), yuri = lesbian. I've consulted
      the somewhat-reliable Wikipedia on this and it says, essentially:
      > Futanari (¤G¦¨, ¤G§Î; Ç\ÇFÇQÇq; a compound word meaning "two form"
      in Japanese) can mean ... hermaphrodites, intersex or other
      individuals with female body-types and sexual organs resembling
      penises, whether or not those organs are in fact enlarged
      clitorises,or they possess both male and female reproductive organs.
      Technically,the term also encompasses male characters with both sets
      of sexualorgans, but these are usually excluded. Other common terms
      used to describe futanari characters are "dickgirls" or "shemales",
      although these are often considered vulgar. Futanari, along with
      "newhalf", are more polite terms having come into recent use, with
      futanaritending to refer specifically to actual hermaphrodites and
      "newhalf"tending to refer specifically to characters with female
      bodies but onlymale genitals.
      > Yuri (¦Ê¦X, Yuri?) ... is a Japanese jargon term for content
      involving love between women in anime, manga, and related Japanese
      media.[4] Yuri can focus either on the sexual or the emotional aspects
      of the relationship, the latter sometimes being called shˆtjo-ai by
      western fans.[5]
      > As we can see from the definitions above, futanari doesn't always
      equate to yuri. Unfortunately, the fanboy is a bit of a brat, and for
      the longest time I've known him he insists on having his way. I'm
      getting quite tired of getting him to distinguish between the two,
      especially because the said forum I moderate is child-friendly and
      should stay worksafe. The administrator is a bit lenient and has asked
      me not to nominate the kid for banning (I don't have actual powers for
      wielding the banstick, alas) but in as much as I am a yuri fan, I
      think this has gone on quite far enough. The forae actually switched
      board providers from Invisionfree to vBulletin, and back when it was
      in Invisionfree we suspended his membership for the exact same reason,
      but as he promised the admin he'd play nicely - and because I've only
      been made mod recently - he got away with opening a yuri fandom thread.
      > Thanks in advance for any and all advice y'all may hold.
      > Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page.
      > http://www.yahoo.com/r/hs
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