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  • crimsonlotus20
    Mar 1, 2008
      Now that I consider it: I hate anime. In anime-world, you can be a
      destitute fry-cook and afford to wear always-new, trendy faux-urban
      grunge outfits (cf. Claire in Red Garden for further confirmation). I
      do like RG's aesthetics, though, more plastic and varied than
      Mnemosyne, though I should probably watch more Mnemosyne before I come
      to a definitive conclusion.



      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "gilksm" <gilksm@...> wrote:
      > > Well it doesn't give an indication of how old she really is. If she
      > is
      > > not newly immortal, and has a few centeries under her belt, I would
      > > hope she could accumulate some wealth by then. Though that was my
      > first
      > > though as well when I saw her incredibly nice, and huge apparently
      > with
      > > the spectacular veiw.
      > >
      > Damn it, I have to learn to read these before I send them. I'm
      > dyslexic, so I make a lot of weird mistakes. Mostly involving replacing
      > similar words with each other, or misspelling incredibly easy to spell
      > words. So I will try to remember to read these over before I send them.
      > To correct the above: Thought*, appartment*.
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