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24301Re: [Yuricon] The Educational Yuri

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  • kyttn
    Dec 30, 2007
      Yuricon Website! www.yuricon.org should have much of
      what you need available. beyond that, plead with
      Erica-dono for assistance. [you're welcome, E. :3]
      --- maryvynne_duag <maryvynne_duag@...> wrote:

      > Friends, right now I'm enrolled in a research
      > subject in my
      > university. Our professor asked us to prepare a
      > topic last month.
      > Since I've been interested in yuri, I decided to
      > take it as my
      > research topic. Fortunately, my professor approved
      > the topic.
      > In view to this, I would like to ask help from you
      > as to what are the
      > suitable references and publications available. I
      > need 20 or more
      > different books, journals, magazine article and etc
      > that talks about
      > yuri. Mine is an expository research, which means
      > that I should just
      > tackle about the subject. I plan to narrow it down
      > as I go through it.
      > I hope you could help me. Thanks
      > MGD
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      kyttn =^'^=

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