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24127RE: [Yuricon] Re: Utena and Academics

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  • Shane
    Dec 1, 2007
      They are in fact the major enemy for the heros. And as
      the title suggest it is deep in the theories, beliefs,
      and symbolism that come with Alchemy. There is also
      many religious themes in use with the Ishvalans
      (Ishbalans?, who happen to be a race of desert people
      that believe in monotheism and think alchemist are
      traitors against Ishbala, their god. If you read the
      manga then the series brings in a very Chinese type of
      people call the Xing. We really haven't seen enough of
      them yet to know what their religion is if they have
      one but their Alchemy has different principals then
      the other alchemy shown in the series.

      Back to the anime and the resulting movie there are
      many historical yet alternate reality themes in the
      show and the government of the main character's is a
      fascism with their leader being called Fuhrer King

      This makes for a series that not only has religious
      undertones but moral and political as well.


      --- Ellen Kuhfeld <ellen@...> wrote:

      > I faintly believe (I never watched the whole thing)
      > that the Seven Deadly
      > Sins were characters in Full Metal Alchemist.
      > Ellen Rose

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