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23979Welcome to all our new list members!

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  • atheniag
    Nov 14, 2007
      Hello all -

      It's that time, once again, to welcome all the new folks who have
      joined the list recently and get people settled in. :-) With the most
      recent members, this list now exceeds 1800 members. As you know,
      joining this list make you instantly cooler, more intelligent,
      attractive and gives you magic lesbian powers. ;-)

      If you are one of our new folks, please feel free to jump in and
      introduce yourself, how you got into yuri, what your favorites series
      are, etc. My name is Erica, I'm the list owner and founder of
      Yuricon. I got into yuri through Sailor Moon's Haruka and Michiru and
      I will forever think them the best couple ever. :-)

      We have a very decent group for the most part and to help keep it this
      way, I do ask that all new folks take 5 minutes to read our Frequently
      Asked Questions: http://www.yuricon.com/faq.html If you have been on
      this list for a while and have never read them, please DO. It won't
      take long. They were recently updated to reflect a few changes, so
      it's a good idea to take a look at them again to refresh your

      Yuricon is a celebration of shoujoai and yuri in anime and manga -
      that is, anything and everything having to do with girl/girl
      relationships in Japanese animation and comics. Anything relating to
      anime and lesbianism is on topic. Yuricon is yaoi and straight
      friendly, just remember where the focus of the group is. But
      generally, chitchat is highly encouraged!

      Common courtesy is the *most* important single quality necessary at
      Yuricon. We're all here to have fun, so try to keep that in mind.
      Here's some basic rules of thumb:

      1) Remember, this is not real life. It is a computer and the person
      you are screaming at is a name in text. Turn the computer off and walk
      away until you don't see red instead of responding to a post in anger.

      2) Be polite - even if it kills you.

      3) No one is "right" anymore than anyone is "wrong." You may disagree
      but your point of view is only one of many, please allow others

      4) Do not out people or otherwise use real-life personal info that is
      private without their consent. This will not be tolerated on the list
      and may well open you up to a real-life lawsuit.

      5) Have fun. If it's not fun, go away from the list for a while. When
      you miss us, come back.

      There simply is no reason whatsoever to get enraged by anything online
      - it can't hurt you unless you let it. Try to remember that this is
      just an adjunct to a fun life - not a substitute for one. :-)

      Yuricon's mission is to openly enjoy and celebrate all forms of yuri
      and shoujoai. If that's what you want to do - you're in the right

      Again, welcome to all our new members and a very sincere thank you to
      all the folks who have been here for a while. because of you, this is
      really one of the least suckiest groups on the Internet.



      Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!
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