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23696Re: [Yuricon] Good news, bad news for UTENA on Philippine TV

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  • Joy Bordador
    Oct 7, 2007
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      I had hoped that they use the original title or the US Manga Corps title instead.
      Kuya Choy Gonzales (Pocholo Gonzales) is supervising the voice-acting. Since he's been doing a LOT of voice-acting work ever since he was a freshman in college (he's an alumnus of Dely Magpayo's well-listened afternoon programmes, notably the long-running "Matudnila") I'm sure it won't be TOO bad. He even has photos to show for it at http://choyg8.multiply.com/photos/album/232/URSULAS_KISS_DUBBING (for the record he's very easy to approach and converse with, for as long as you don't sound very condescending about your preference for subtitles over dubs, as he has almost single-handedly worked to promote the rights of voice actors, including those who do voice-acting work for radio, in the Philippines).
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      Good news is that Hero TV will be showing it this month, replacing
      Ikki Tousen on the 1:30am Tuesday to Saturday slot, which ought to
      mean no cuts.

      Bad news is that they're using Enoki Films USA's alternate title,
      Ursula's Kiss. I can only imagine what the ready-made English scripts
      are like. The Tagalog dub will have to be as good as ABS-CBN's
      original Magic Knight Rayearth and Zenki dubs to make up for the
      liberties with translation. There's this weird trend where older dubs
      where they changed the names and such were better than newer dubs with
      more accurate translations.

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