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2364Re: Yuricon 2002 events/site/plans/notes (ok, it's long)

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  • eleloi
    Dec 29 11:10 AM
      --- In Yuricon@y..., "Kathryn Williams" <neko_haruka@s...> wrote:

      > *blinks* the the whole time I've been talking with Scott he never
      > this... I think I'm going to have to give him a smak. As for coming
      to ALC I
      > don't think he was interested in being a guest.. more like a shadowy
      > supporter. The idea of going to a con where he won't get mobbed by
      hordes of
      > fan girls and actually just talek about Anime with a group of
      > Lesbians sounds like fun to him... *shurgs* I'll tell him he is
      > >^_^<

      Oops... wrong Mc... Mistaken Identity. Bad me...

      --Lel, feverish and a little off.
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