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23493[OT] Yuri in Professional Wrestling

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  • Resop
    Sep 1 8:13 PM
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      Unfortunately, you'd pretty much have to go to tapes of Japanese Women
      Wrestlers to get anything resembling Yuri.


      In the above example, the fans (97% school girls) are so "turned into squids"
      (copywrite the Yuka club) by the wrestler Chisuga, one half of the "Crush
      Girls", that the fifth row facing the camera is entirely made up of girls
      waving pom poms like a cheer leading squad. In this match the Crush Girls
      battle the Jumping Bomb Angels in a baby face versus baby face battle with JBA
      (who also competed briefly in the US in the WWF). JBA pulls it out at the end
      but not before tons of lightning fast action.


      In the above example, (in a match that might appeal to Erica), Chisuga battles
      Dump Matsumoto in a loser loses their hair match. Dump Matsumoto and her heel
      faction look like a bunch of REALLY scary bikers. Chisuga credits becoming
      insanely popular to Matsumoto's ability to make people hate her guts.
      Matsumoto wins after breaking every rule in the book. The anguished reactions
      of Chisuga's wrestling seconds as Chisuga is being shaved are truly yuri-ific.

      Hope this isn't too off topic ...

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