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23492Iono-sama Fanatics is back

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  • atheniag
    Sep 1, 2007
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      Hi all -

      I know that some, at least, of you have read or are reading Fujieda
      Miyabi's "Iono-sama Fanatics." It was running in Dengeki Teioh, which
      was cancelled last November. The manga stopped at chapter 11, I
      believe or somewhere around there.

      The first collected Volume is available in English, (and is on the
      Yuricon Shop, should you desire it: http://www.yuricon.org/shop/
      manga.html#Iono) but there has been no sign of a Volume 2 in Japanese.

      Today I was looking at Fujieda's website and I read a piece of good
      news. Volume 2 (in Japanese) will be available in September. As soon
      as the link becomes available, I'll be sure to get it onto the Shop.

      It looks like the final chapter will be printed in next month's
      Dengeki Daioh, which I get, so I'll be able to report back. :-)


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