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23484Re: [Yuricon] Best and worst Yuri

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  • Johann Chua
    Aug 30, 2007
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      On 8/30/07, Zyl <zylelt@...> wrote:
      > I scanned my info and emailed it over to TSRI and that was fine. They have some
      > serious bargains in their bargain bins sometime.

      No scanner either. Anyway, TRSI is out of CCS TV and KOR TV. Amazon's
      Marketplace has CCS TV complete sets ($200 to $250), though, including
      two from (Robert's?) Anime Corner.

      I've also noticed really cheap region 3 or 4 English subtitled anime
      DVDs for KOR and CCS on eBay, but I suspect they're pirated, or at
      least have substandard translation. I trust Rika Takahashi and
      AnimEigo's translations.
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