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  • Hotaru Takeuchi
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Know what, I should introduce myself too, haven't done it yet. Call me Jas, I'm a yuri lover... tis true. I like Revelutionary Girl Utena. Though I'm more of a Juri fan. (from the anime anyway, she's cruel for no reason in the manga... well, Touga doesn't really count as a reason ^_^)
      Yep so there it is...

      Seiji Reften <seiji_reften@...> wrote:
      I've been here several months, and have been way, way too shy to say hi.

      I've finally worked up the courage though.

      I am Sel.

      I liked yuri pairings for years, but the first one I saw that made me
      think that anime might offer some hope of satisfying my desire for
      lesbian couples was an ad for Revolutionary Girl Utena. I love Utena
      and Anthy.

      I now offer up some fanart.

      http://www.sheezyar t.com/view/ 1350434/

      http://www.sheezyar t.com/view/ 1047985/

      Thank you for your time.

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