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2326Re: [Yuricon] Yuricon 2002 events/site/plans/notes (ok, it's long)

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  • Kathryn Williams
    Dec 29, 2001
      > >ahhhh... I see... Okay then that is easy then LOL... *note to self
      > >artist friends to remind them ALC is offically under way and kick them a
      > >few
      > >times in the butt to get them going.... blushes* There is no way I'm
      > >kicking
      > >Tomoko-kun in the butt... na ah *shakes head*
      > I bet we'd have a line-up of people willing to kick her in the butt! LOL
      > She had a nice one, if i recall correctly. :-)

      *blinks* will I have to play the part of her bodyguard if she shows up?

      Oh should I add Scott McNeil to the kicking list? He is proudly supporting
      our efforts and insists he is a Les in disguise, but after seeing some of
      the photos of him and Steve Bennte in each others arms makes me think other
      wish LOL... those two are nuts, but great fun to hang around.


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