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2323Re: [Yuricon] Yuricon 2002 events/site/plans/notes (ok, it's long)

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  • Johann Chua
    Dec 29, 2001
      >1) ebay auctions - It's become traditional for cons to run fundraising
      >through this non-intrusive method. First Lady Pattie has said that she
      >will take on the job of organizing and arranging any ebay auctions.
      >What we need from you is good stuff to auction!

      Chirality Book One (English version)

      I'm thinking of getting the whole series in Japanese.

      Would Patlabor qualify for chicks with weapons? Noa is pretty much a giant
      robot otaku.... I have all twelve issues of the English version. Another
      series I'm planning to get in Japanese (I already have wide edition vol. 4).

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