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23120new Lililicious releases - The Miko's Words and the Witch's Incantations chapter 4 and Rose Stories Petite Soeur 2 short

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  • Lililicious
    Jun 29, 2007
      In the fourth chapter of Fujieda Miyabi's The Miko's Words and the
      Witch's Incantations, we discover that Tsumugi is having problems with
      her health.

      Natsushi's "Will" depicts a conversation between Shimako and Rosa Canina.

      Also, a bit of news: Seven Seas announced at Anime Expo that they've
      licensed a couple of our Yuri Hime projects, First Love Sisters
      (formerly known as Loving Sisters) and Voiceful (formerly known as
      Voice), and as such, we are hereby dropping those two projects. Please
      cease all distribution of our scanlations of them.
      Please buy them from Seven Seas when they come out! And please do NOT
      ask us to reconsider, or complain to us about how you're no longer
      getting these manga for free; our decision on this is final.

      As always, tonight's releases can be downloaded in the channel on irc
      (#lililicious on irc.rizon.net) or at the webpage
      (http://www.lililicious.net ).
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