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23065DotHack Fanfic? (possible spoilers)

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  • Lori
    Jun 21, 2007
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      Ok you writers! I really want an ending/continuation to the
      Tsukasa/Subaru story suggested in the anime. Can anyone point me to a
      good read? Or have any of you written a nice wrap up for it? Let me
      back up a bit.

      I just watched the entire series again after I purchased the licensed
      version a year or so ago. Seeing it in English is odd, but the story
      made a bit more sense this time. After seeing mentioned on Wiki that it
      could be interpreted as yuri, I watched with that in mind. Yes, yes, I
      see it now, although I hadn't picked that up the first time through
      when I saw it fansubbed.

      But now I want to see a nice, warm, fuzzy relationship between the two
      develop. And what happens to Tsukasa? Does the Bear character take her
      in as a foster parent?
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