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23007Re: [Yuricon] Simoun episode 26 Question (SPOILERS - duh)

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  • Adam Jones
    Jun 18, 2007
      On Mon, 18 Jun 2007 21:23:43 -0000
      "Freddy J." <flatbushpapi@...> wrote:

      > I Couldn't find a discussion page to i made this.

      You might want to try:

      (Yes, that really is a 130-page thread. We talked a *lot*. :)

      > My question is did they ever explain what OTHER WORLD Neviel and the
      > other girls went to? I know the used the emerold move to get there
      > but where is there?

      Short answer: no. The other girls didn't go there, though - only
      Neviril and Aaeru "left"; the rest remained behind and grew up. As to
      where they went... dreams? Memories? Apotheosis? The Land of Eternal
      Yuri Smut (just imagine Neviril trying to explain *that* to Aaeru...)?

      > Q2: Did the ever explain what happened to Neviel's orginal pair who
      > was supposedly dead after ep 1?

      Nope. Most likely she died at that moment, although clearly there are
      all kinds of fanfic-y possibilities in such a potentially ambiguous
      death scene.
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