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23006Simoun episode 26 Question

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  • Freddy J.
    Jun 18, 2007
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      I Couldn't find a discussion page to i made this. I jsut finished
      watching Simoun. First a great series and glad i could have seen all 26
      eps. That last episode was a bit confusing with the jumps back and
      forth though time.

      My question is did they ever explain what OTHER WORLD Neviel and the
      other girls went to? I know the used the emerold move to get there but
      where is there?

      Q2: Did the ever explain what happened to Neviel's orginal pair who was
      supposedly dead after ep 1?

      If the was already answered I'm sorry I couldn't fidn old messages
      about it. I also never read manga so maybe thats why i didn't know.
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