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  • atheniag
    Jun 14, 2007
      Well, the raw for ICE came up finally.

      You may remember a while back,ICEt was mentioned here. Future world,
      all men are dead, women are looking for a way to save the future,
      etc, etc.

      The one significantly good thing is that, compared with "Y the Last
      Man" in which the basic storyline is similar, the women of ICE have
      managed to recreate an infrastructure and survive like humans. Other
      than that...

      Let me offer you a transcript of my comments on #otenba as I watched
      to illustrate:

      > wow, as expected, the animation for ICE is incredibly bad
      > wow
      > wow
      > I'm not sure I can get through this
      > wow, if anything could have made this anime worse, it would be this
      > god almightly that was terrible


      The "as expected" was because I had watched the DVD extra the night
      before and had very low expectations for the animation. Which were
      surprassed by the actual badness.

      Nothing but the thinnest of yuri potential in the whole first
      episode. The main ruler/baddy type is insane, with a maid fetish and
      no morals, and the two protagonists will undoubtedly be paired
      because they are both female.

      While I will not tell you not to watch it, I will say that you should
      approach it with very low expectations.

      Enjoy. :-)



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