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22917Re: Evil Zone (Eretzvaju)

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  • atheniag
    Jun 1, 2007
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Jen" <puni@...> wrote:
      > I played this one all the time (the JP version), and was rather
      > horified when the western version was released.
      > "Hey, let's replace the peppy poppy japanese opening music with some
      > mindless techno gibberish!".

      This seems to be the default on all to-US adaptations for anime, as
      well. Pokemon has had many opening themes in Japanese, and we are all
      probably familiar with the "Gotta Get "em All!" rap they replaced it

      One Piece, which has awesome openings and endings, was replaced with
      a turgid techno rap of the title repeated over and over - same for Yu-
      Gi-Oh, without the awesome Japanese music part. :-)

      I have no idea why the American ideal for an opening theme seems to
      be the title words repeated over and over mixed as if by a 8 year old
      DJ wanna be. But that does seem to be the standard.

      I like how Adult Swim on Cartoon Network is leaving in the end
      themes, but they still cut some of the openings for time. I also like
      how the end theme for Yu Yu Hakusho was translated and re-recorded,
      which I thought was a fair middle ground. (I personally prefer to
      listen to pop music in foreign languages so I can pretend I don't
      know how insispid they are. ;-))



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