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22913Evil Zone (Eretzvaju)

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  • mara_papimer
    May 31, 2007
      Now this may just be because the game is very old and everyone has
      talked about it to death already, but why do I never hear more about
      Evil Zone? Evil Zone, or Eretzvaju in Japan, was a fighting game
      released in 1999 for the Playstation one with ten playable characters
      all with story modes and the usual fighting game premise.

      "A powerful godlike being is trying to escape. Quickly! Let us acquire
      all the most powerful fighters and… Make. Them. Fight. Each. Other. So
      we can send the winner to fight the boss!"

      "Er Geoff? Why don't we get ALL the fighters to fight the boss TOGETHER?"

      "No." [Geoff shoots Adam.]

      The game also parodied common anime conventions. Each character is a
      homage to a particular anime archetype. There is the sentai hero, the
      bounty hunter, fiery marshal artist, the magical girl… and it goes on.
      (There is even a character that is a strait male version of Lina
      Inverse.) Each character's story mode is set out like a TV series with
      next episode previews, etcetera.

      That's the base story but the elements that make this game relevant is
      that it is the earliest game I can think of that had a gay female
      protagonist and antagonist, neither of which sucked (unless you play
      the dub version).

      Guardian Angel Setsuna:

      The game's protagonist and I don't care what Danzaiver says. Setsuna
      fills the game's magical girl slot. Setsuna however wears a uniform
      with a blazer and has no transformation sequence. Instead she acquires
      a big sword she can pull out of thin air and multiply an unset number
      of times. One of her best moves involves her throwing her sword into
      her opponent's chest and that sword spawning multiple other swords
      that rip open the enemy's torso.

      Setsuna gets all her magical girl sword abilities from Karen, another
      girl who seems to co-exist with Setsuna as a kind of parallel
      personality. Karen appears in the game as a translucent girl is a pink
      garment that only Setsuna can see. Karen is also the girl that Setsuna
      is in love with, which helps as they are the same character they can
      converse easily in cut scenes and both narrate the series.

      Unlike most of the characters, Setsuna even being in the fighting
      tournament is a mystery until she meets Kakurine.


      Kakurine is a ten thousand year old ethereal being who to exist in the
      world where Evil zone takes place has used a special garment called
      the void to manifest herself as a small lolicon girl. No, don't run
      away just yet. Kakurine is still cool because she is a complete psycho
      badass. She once existed in a kind of special symbiosis with Lea, a
      similar being, where they both supported each others existence.

      Lea found out a way to support her existence by possessing people
      (what she does is needlessly complicated). Lea promptly terminated her
      relationship with Kakurine and bugged off to have fun in universes
      with more than two people in them.

      Needless to say Kakurine didn't like Lea's idea and theorised that if
      she kills all of Lea's vessels Lea will have no choice but to live
      with her. Part of Kakurine's awesomeness comes from her delusion that,
      not only will her plan work, but that Lea will love her again
      afterward. Also Kakurine kills not just Lea's vessels (who where
      people themselves before Lea took them over) but practically anyone
      that gets in her way, by accident! That alone makes her story fun to
      play. That and a lot of her attacks involve rainbow whoops, voodoo
      dolls and sucking blood.

      Ihadurca – Lea's incarnation in the world of I- Praseru:

      You only see one of Lea's incarnations in the game but it is said that
      there are more in other plains of physical existence. Unlike Kakurine,
      Lea just wants to keep living as she is, she is also incredibly crewel
      and self interested, drawing Setsuna into the conflict so that she
      could remove Karen from her. She hates humans, and apparently dislikes
      Kakurine, odd for someone who clearly wanted more to do.

      Although she dislikes Kakurine for killing her (apparently many times
      before). Both Ihadurca's and Kakurine's endings show that she
      probably still loves her.

      If you haven't played this game it may be hard to find. For more
      information there are really only two sites I can find.



      Cool yuri characters aside the game itself is great for those who like
      fighting games with a story, like Guilty Gear. The CD even has an
      encyclopaedia that you can unlock where I found most of this information.

      So has anyone else heard of this game? If not the two sites above
      could probably explain the plot better than I can.
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