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22904Re: The real meaning Of Yuri/Shoujo ai

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  • Susan Davis
    May 30 9:09 PM
      "kyouka_mitzrugi" <kyouka_mitz@...> wrote:
      > By an opinion of I individual, Kasi Masi is not yuri. Some Japanese
      > will agree, too. Because mind of a chief character is because
      > there is it as a boy. It is important how mentally in Japan.
      > Therefore I think that Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru is nearer to
      > yuri.

      Huh? Mizuho is a boy who crossdresses situationally, and just happens
      to get along well with female friends... but is still mentally very
      much a boy. Hazumu, by contrast, attracts all sorts of comments about
      how feminine he is before the UFO crash, not to mention all sorts of
      fan speculation about whether Hazumu had GID. She is completely happy
      being a girl afterwards, and never mentions a single word about
      wanting to be turned back, despite having Sora and Jan-Puu *living
      with her* and easily available to pester on that point.

      More to the point, Yasuna can see Hazumu with her yuri-vision before
      the crash.

      I agree that mental criteria should count for more... but that argues
      strongly in favour of Kashimashi being more yuri than Otoboku.

      Susan Davis <futabachan@...>
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