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22892Re: [Yuricon] Re: The real meaning Of Yuri/Shoujo ai

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  • Adam Jones
    May 30, 2007
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      On 30-May-2007 20:19 +0900, Anna Haapaniemi wrote:

      > > So a boy cross-dressing as a girl is more yuri than a boy who's been
      > > genetically and physically transformed into a girl? Strange... :)
      > I don't think it is especially stange that I boy that wants to and feels he
      > is/should be a girl is counted more as a girl than a boy that, regardless of
      > what he wanted/felt, had his body turned into that of a girl.

      I was reading it more as a comparison between a boy who was
      cross-dressing out of an obligation to his family and an already vaguely
      transgendered (or at least ambiguously-gendered) boy who was quite
      content to have been made entirely female.

      Then again, I carefully avoided watching OtoBoku, so I may well have
      made incorrect assumptions about its main character.
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