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22878Re: The real meaning Of Yuri/Shoujo ai

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  • Freddy J.
    May 29, 2007
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Chalcahuite <ximatl@...> wrote:
      > On May 29, 2007, at 8:44 PM, Freddy J. wrote:

      Thanks for that informative explaination. i probably wasn't in group
      or didn't read artile on shoujo ai ands its western orgin. Thanks
      again for the info on the term shoujo ai and the witch hunter show
      > > Well I'm sure we all know what to expect when we hear a anime is
      > > and shoujo Ai. But what makes an anime shoujo ai.
      > As far as I'm concerned, the term shoujo-ai needs to die a quiet
      > death, alone in small, locked cell somewhere with the key lost.
      > There's no need to use the term shoujo-ai when yuri covers it all.
      > Erica already explaind the etymology of the term shoujo-ai in a
      > post earlier today, but I'll copy it here, because I'm nice. ;)
      > > Shoujo-ai
      > This is a term that was coined in the late 1990's by an American
      > woman who was a fan of what was then called "shounenai" (now more
      > commonly and properly referred to as Yaoi, or Boy's Love.) She and a
      > number of other fans did not want to admit that they liked Yuri, as
      > they interpreted that to mean "lesbian porn for guys" so they
      > a term that was an analog to "shounenai" (Boy Love) which was
      > "shoujoai," i.e., Girl Love. Because the bias against the word Yuri
      > was so strong, it became accepted that "shoujoai" stories were
      > romantic and sweet while Yuri was explicit sex - this way these
      > could say that they liked, say, Haruke and Michiru from Sailor Moon,
      > but they weren't "Yuri" fans.
      > Since the word shoujoai was made up here in the west and never used
      > in Japan at all, and because the word "Yurizoku" (Yuri tribe) was
      > originally coined to describe lesbians, not lesbian porn, I decided
      > to use Yuri, as opposed to shoujoai, when I created Yuricon to
      > celebrate this genre. In a sense, I was "reclaiming" the word -
      > taking it back from the LFBs who had pre-empted it, and using it
      > blatantly in front of the women who were too precious to admit they
      > liked watching the girls kiss. Hence, the genre I pioneered is
      > "Yuri," not "shoujoai."
      > Ironically, some publishers in Japan now use the English term "Girls
      > Love" to denote the category - as an analog to "Boys Love." How
      > freakishly full circle, huh? :-)
      > > Ok well its a big DUH
      > > that shows like Kasi Masi and strawberry Panic are shoujo ai.
      > No, I'd call them yuri anime. And I'm pretty sure they were
      > as yuri anime in Japan.
      > > One show
      > > someone said was shoujo ai was a show called:El Cazador de la
      > >
      > > Its a very good show so far with great, sometimes funny,
      > > and the story is very well made. AFter watching 8 episodes of it
      > > though
      > > i don't see why it would be classified as a
      > Yuri anime
      > > since there is no
      > > relationship between the two girls be-sides friends.
      > >
      > > If you can help explain the reason I would be very glad to read
      > With that little correction, I'd say I'd have to agree with you.
      > this point there's very little to suggest that El Cazador is a
      > anime, though Nadie and Ellis are very slashable, especially after
      > episode 7. There's 19 more episodes, and to be perfectly honest, I
      > think we had just as much to go on, if not less, when Noir first
      > aired, and we all know how that turned out.
      > The reason this series gets mentioned in yuri circles, is the
      > fact that this is the 3rd part of the BeeTrain/Koichi
      Mashimo "Girls
      > with Guns" trilogy that includes Noir and Madlax. Both of those
      > had very strong yuri subtext, so the logic goes, that if El
      > follows the same patterns, it too should have some yuri subtext.
      > So, in short, be patient and let's just see how this one plays
      > At very least it does not suck.
      > -==-
      > Serge
      > "Visually Impressive!" -- Precocious Curmudgeon
      > http://ximatl.blogspot.com
      > http://albikal.blogspot.com
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