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22803Re: Looking forward to the spring anime season

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  • silvertenshi24687
    May 22, 2007
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      > I think we really need more good anime, and if I'm to daydream, more
      > yuri anime, I am really hoping for Strawberry Shake Sweet, Iono the
      > fanatics, Hayate X Blade, or Aoi Hana anime.. but then again.. its
      > only daydreaming.

      I totally agree to this, we do need more good anime, and specialy good
      yuri anime where there's a really yuri couple not just subtext or
      anything like that, i'll really love to see Strawberry Shake Sweet
      anime and Iono the fanatics anime, mmm Maka Maka is really good too,
      has a great plot and it's fun, thou i wouldn't like if they made it
      just fanservice(mainly boys). The only bits of yuri in some none yuri
      anime is just for fanservice and that's something i've come to hate.
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