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22786Re: Looking forward to the spring anime season

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  • Aereal Reis
    May 18, 2007
      > >When I wrote about Claymore manga on shoujo-ai forum two years ago,
      > >almost noone was interested in this title. As I see, at the list is
      > >the same.
      > Not "not interested" - it's more like "not familiar with." I have
      > certainly seen yuri fanart of the chacters from Claymore. So, tell
      > us about it. You say it's good...what's it *about*?

      I haven't seen any yuri fanart of Claymore, if you remember where it
      was or who made it I'd be deeply grateful, I so want to see it.

      I've seen up to episode 7 and it definitely is yuri (more yuri tan
      Aria, anyway >.>) but on top of that it is a very very good anime (and
      I can only imagine how extreme the manga is just based on the fact
      anime often tends to be less than the manga)

      The story is a dark-age world in which demons called "Youma" eat human
      guts, an organization has these women who use youma powers to kill
      youma for a profit, there's much more to it than that, apparently
      these women have youma blood and flesh in them (not sure how) and use
      human will to control it and use it; if they use too much, however,
      the "yoki" which is like the power the youma and these women use,
      begins to control them and they turn into youma. So a good "claymore"
      (which is the name humans give these women, as well as "silver eye
      witches" and "monsters") is one that can be extremely strong without
      using yoki.

      The story is very deep and the combat is amazing, also lots of blood
      but its not disgusting, mainly because the blood isn't on screen for
      longer than one can tolerate, there is also some fanservice but it is
      in the form of tight clothes, and some nudity (but nothing improper is
      ever shown)

      The yuri so far (up to chapter 7) is between the top Claymore
      "Theresa" and a little girl called "Claire", Claire is much younger
      than Theresa, but she admires/adores/desires Theresa, I won't say much
      about Theresa because its an spoiler.

      I greatly recommend it, and I do see yuri there.

      oh! yes, fanart please, any hint, even little one would be greatly
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