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2271Yuricon 2002 events/site/plans/notes (ok, it's long)

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  • atheniag
    Dec 28, 2001
      Greetings all -

      On this eve of yet another New Year, the ALC First Lady and myself
      would like to wish you all a happy, health New Year. I myself received
      a cold for Christmas, so the next site update is running a little
      behind schedule.

      The original ALC list was born Jan.4, 2001, so we're using that date
      as our birthday - we're almost a year old and much larger and more
      enthusiastic and energetic than I could ever have expected.

      Here's some upcoming update news:

      First and foremost, the Poster Contest winners announcement - all the
      submissions will go up on a special poster art gallery. The winner's
      poster will be printed up and sold through our goddies page -
      you'll be able to get you and all your friends an official ALC
      2002 poster!

      New Shrines for 2002 - I'm not giving away the who, but rest assured,
      they're cool and interesting. And at least one will be a revelation.

      Events - Here's an idea...ALC is franchising Yuricon events! LOL If
      you're a yuri/shoujoai fan and you want to meet and hang with other
      fans, either at a con or on your own, the ALC staff will assist you in
      setting up an event in your area. Got a favorite bar or club? See if
      you can take over for the night. We'll provide tapes/DVDs of good
      shoujoai and yuri anime, music vids, etc, we'll even research the
      local spots for PR and calendar mentions - YOU host and act cool, and
      get the credit. We'd like to see as many events as possible - even if
      it's just having people over for a video night - spread the word,
      recruit the children! LOL

      We'll also be setting up a formal list of cons where ALC/Yuricon will
      be present and what we'll be doing - party, table, informal hanging
      about, etc.


      Now, on to the important administration stuff. We'd all like to see
      ALC/Yuricon 2003 happen. That takes three things - people, time and
      money, not in that order. Right now, I've got a great staff - but
      we're not enough to do a con. And we don't have much money, either.
      SO, we have a few solutions:

      1) ebay auctions - It's become traditional for cons to run fundraising
      through this non-intrusive method. First Lady Pattie has said that she
      will take on the job of organizing and arranging any ebay auctions.
      What we need from you is good stuff to auction! We have stuff we pick
      up here and there, good strong chicks with weapons stuff, or yuri
      manga and the like - but we need more! Got a doujin you don't read
      much? Or a Japanese manga you can't translate? Art or toys you've
      grown out of, etc? We'll be glad to take that pesky stuff off your
      hands and turn it into financial support for ALC.

      Of course, flat out donations are welcome too! Feel free to get a
      second job to support our anime habit. :-)

      If you think you have a lead for a sponsorship, either of our Yuri
      manga, "Yuri Monogatari" or any event or project, drop us a line and
      let us know.

      2) People - Yep, we need you! We have 18 months to make ALC happen and
      I believe, with all my heart, that we can do it. But without people to
      make it work, it won't become reality. Now, here's the problem - while
      I, personally, am always pleased by the enthusiasm of the many
      volunteers I've worked with, I've noted a small trend...you college
      folks are awfully busy and hard to reach - plus you move about
      alot...therefore, I'm asking that anyone who would like to be on the
      *organizing committee*, that is, to head a committee, of ALC 2003 be
      over 21 years of age. It's agism - pure and simple. I need folks who
      won't flake out on me and my staff and leave us lurching about to
      cover for you.

      IF you are under 21 and REALLY want to help, write one of the folks
      below and offer assistance to them on their committees - we do want
      your help, really!

      If you are interested in helping us out, contact the relevant people
      and offer your undying devotion. :-)

      Here's what we have:

      Entertainment: cheebs! is our entertainment chair and she's great,
      having seen first hand how easy it is to go wrong. :-)

      Artist's Liason: Kathryn Williams, duh. :-) Could *anyone* else do
      this? neko_haruka@...

      Fundraising: Pattie and myself, because we simply don't trust anyone
      else and I've got a ton of experience, sadly.

      Advertising: Me again. If someone wants to co-chair the PR committee
      with me, I'd love the help! anilesbocon01@...

      Here's what we need right now: Email me at anilesbocon01@...
      with offers of assistance.

      Hotel Liason/Researcher - Any experience in booking hotel space a huge

      Guest Liason - We have some leads, you'll need to be able to follow up
      with them and contact possible guests

      Dealer's Liason - We have got a load of leads...we need someone to
      pursue them. (This person will be working on sponsorships and manga
      ads too.)


      Folks we'll need down the road:

      Security Chief

      Volunteer Coordinator



      If these are commitees that interest you, hang about - we'll be
      looking for them sometime next summer. Watch the website for

      Here's my vision - the world's first con where everyone has a chance
      to be involved in some way - this way it's really *your* con.


      And last, but not at all least, I want to mention our very next
      (indeed, imminent) project deadline. "Yuri Monogatari" our original
      yuri/shoujoai manga is accepting submissions until January 31, 2002.
      So you have a little more than a month to send those babies in!

      I'll be making what is called a "rate card" for advertising in
      YM...rates will be very reasonable, trust me. If you have a fave comic
      store or manga shop, or GLBT store, or club, we'd LOVE to have them
      advertise with us! Even cash-strapped stores should find our
      advertising rates affordable. Plus we guarantee a relevant audience.
      If you think you'd like to help us out by selling an ad, email us at
      anilesbocon01@... with the subject line: Rate Card

      You'll be able to print it out and bring it with you. Any support you
      can give us is greatly appreciated.


      One more thing...a note to my Staff: cheebs!, Stacy, Kun, Sparkle,
      Philip, Charlene, Kat, Sarahmonster - thank you all for everything.
      Your efforts have been many and your rewards few, so let me once again
      say thank you and offer my great appreciation and affection for your
      support of ALC.

      Last note - to Pattie. I can't tell you often enough, but I could not
      have done any of this without you. I love you.

      And that's about it. For the moment. Let me thank all of you for your
      interest and support for ALC/Yuricon, and offer my wish that 2002 blow
      us ALL out of the water!


      Founder/Webmistress/Dosgbody/sick puppy <sneeze>
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