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22671ANN 'Aoi Hana' review

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  • Eric
    May 2 11:46 AM
      Anime News Network does a column on manga reviews, and they would
      have an Import Title of the Month, and they just acknowledged 'Aoi
      Hana'. Here are some good lines from the review:

      "If you do not love Aoi Hana, you do not love yuri, period. Simple as
      that. This schoolgirl story is the best of its genre, so subtle and
      poignant that it makes stuff like MariMite and Strawberry Panic! look
      like trashy dime-store romance by comparison. There is a graceful
      rhythm to just about every aspect of the story: the way the
      characters are introduced, how their emotions develop over time, and
      the complications between Fumi and Akira as a love polygon grows
      between them and their friends."

      "Takako Shimura must be some kind of genius, too, to make it all work
      with her economical art¬óclean layouts, sparse backgrounds, and
      everything that needs to be said contained within a single facial

      "This is the kind of romance that can be appreciated by anyone,
      regardless of gender or orientation; if you want the last word on
      heartache and unrequited love, Aoi Hana has it."

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