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22657Re: [Yuricon] Re: Bee Train Attempts Subtlety

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  • Iain Brown
    May 1, 2007
      atheniag wrote:

      > I don't think we'll be getting any yuri love-love from thosee too, not
      > unless Ellis changes personality. But there's always Jody "Blue Eyes"
      > Hayward and well, hell, anyone. :-) At home, she wears a t-shirt that
      > says "No one knows I'm a librarian." I'm absolutely sure of it.

      Even though Kirika was clearly younger than Mireille, she was never
      presented as childish. There was a tension between the two - not
      necessarily sexual, but tension nonetheless - from the beginning. Madlax
      just had several interesting women introduced early on.

      Ellis acts like a kid, and Nadie referred to her as a child. I don't see
      anything there. She'll change, but I can't see the protector / child
      relationship going in that direction. Hayward, maybe. If she goes into
      the field instead of playing local power games with Rosenberg. Jody /
      Nadie, once the latter realizes she needs to protect Ellis from the
      former - that might be interesting.

      On an entirely unrelated subject, my gast was suitably flabbered when I
      discovered that the Evil Psychotic Librarian voiced Mokey Fraggle in the
      Japanese dub of Fraggle Rock. Mokey as an EPL... I can almost see it.

      A fearless squirrel chittered a margarita, while I was incensed.
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