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22478Re: Looking forward to the spring anime season

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  • Sylwia 'Louise' Kazmierczak
    Mar 31, 2007
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "mellowrg" <mellowrg@...> wrote:
      > Claymore.
      > Everything after the first two arcs has been very good. A story like
      > this only comes every decade or so.
      > Although, being an anime adapted from a manga, it has the tendency to
      > hit or miss depending on the execution

      When I wrote about Claymore manga on shoujo-ai forum two years ago,
      almost noone was interested in this title. As I see, at the list is
      the same. Claymore is one of the best comic book I've ever read and
      one of that which has soujo-ai but is totaly neglected by yuri fans.
      Lesbian motives in Claymore are very subtle and maybe this is the
      purpose of its small popularity in yuri fandom. This comic include
      many interrelations between women and a few couples (Sophia&Noel,
      Helen&Denev, Rachel&Audrey and short but deep relation between Theresa
      and Claire). Many interesting women characters, dramatic plot, good
      dialogues and beautiful art makes Yagi's work great.

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