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22398Re: Kedamono Damono

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  • Eric
    Mar 19 1:26 PM
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Joe Wagner" <senbei@...> wrote:
      > I was actually really disappointed by this one. I'm usually a
      pretty big
      > fan of gender-bending (having some experience in that area myself),
      > there really wasn't enough substance to Kedamono Damono. For
      starters, the
      > mangaka chose not to reveal in this first volume WHY Haruki and
      > change sex at night... even though it seems to span several weeks
      or even a
      > month. Sure it's nice to see pervy girl on chaste girl but...
      since there's
      > no immediate back story I have a feeling this book could be
      relegated to
      > LFBs. It is shoujo, but in this case, i'm not sure that's enough.
      > wait and see if the second volume turns things around i guess.
      > ~Senbei

      You can't expect everything to be revealed in the first volume, do
      you? There are plenty of manga series that pace their story
      developments out, like Fruits Basket--Pachy_Boy
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