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  • Andi, Andi Spring, Spring
    Mar 18, 2007
       I found small article in Newtype for a manga called Kedamono Damono.
      "Konatsu is the manager of the boys' basketball team, and has a crush on her senpai, who oversees the team - and is a real jerk. But as Konatsu confides in Haruki, their relationship begins to grow closer. The only problem? Haruki is a boy by day... and a really pervy girl by night!"
      So, I got a copy of it the other day. I read through it and it wasn't bad. It has lots of potential. So far, Konatsu's mostly done romantic things with the girl version, though she keeps wanting to know how the boy version of Haruki feels.
      This part though really made it interesting. [insert spoiler warning]
      (highlight to read)
      At one point Konatsu cries to girl Haruki that none of it makes sense to her because she is a lot more attracted to the girl version than the guy version.
      [end spoiler warning]
      So the story has potential to be really good. Whether or not it uses that potential, I don't know. I hope it does.

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