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    Mar 12, 2007
      Having seen said show you are referring to... I will have to respectfully tell you, I don't think this is going to be anything like it. And not with just the artwork, which looks to be rather detailed and amazing in design. Plus we have some rather kick-a** characters, too, which I forgot to mention as well as there is conflict between two groups of how do deal with the future. Oh, and there's a girl with a gun that looks rather scary.... *L* (In a good way, though!!)
      I do hope you'll find the Promo and watch it at least.... (I saw mine via a Torrent from AnimeSuki)
      As an aside... I had fun watching "Vandread"... I didn't watch it for anything "deep", but more light comedy with the obvious het romance happening. I enjoyed the background characters for what they were.... Like I said, I'm easy to please... *LOL* (but please don't hold that against me for ever inviting me over for those hypothetical lunches you talk about for meeting interesting people!!)

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      >Hello all,
      > Since it's all females, does that mean Yuri is automatic? (personally, I
      >say yes... Go Girls! But I'm easy to please... *LOL*)

      I haven't seen a thing about the new series, so can't anser to that, but to
      this question let me caution you with this one word: Vandread.



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