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  • Me
    Mar 12, 2007
      Hello all,
      Just saw a Promo for this show... ICE...
      Set in the near future, men have been wiped off the planet due to genetic problems, now it's a race against time to come up with a way to survive and reproduce without them....
      At least that's what I got from the ultra quick showing of the subtitled text...
      Anyone else know any more about this new title?
      Since it's all females, does that mean Yuri is automatic? (personally, I say yes... Go Girls! But I'm easy to please... *LOL*)

      The only reason that cats tolerate humans is that they haven't found a
      better slave race, YET.

      "Hey, who tidied the Brimstone?!" HELL, from "Summon the Keeper" by Tanya Huff

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