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22266Re: [yuri] Re: A shocking loss to the yuri community

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  • Joy Bordador
    Feb 28, 2007
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      Whoa... this news is just... awful.

      Though I don't know him, and in fact I just lurk at Shoujoai's forae, I cannot say that I didn't feel his impact anywhere. A butterfly's wings flaps on one side of the world to create a hurricane on the other side. And now I also feel awful for just lurking at Shoujoai.

      Thank you Philip. You will be missed. Rest in peace and God bless you.


      mjp <mjpaldir@...> wrote:

      > On Feb 28, 8:49 pm, "yuri...@..." wrote:
      > > It is with shock and sadness that I write today to let you all know of
      > > the death of Philip Mak.
      > > Philip has been a strong supporter of Yuricon and of Yuri in the west
      > > for many years, and he will be sorely missed.
      > > Among many other things, Philip was the owner of shoujoai.com and all
      > > of the sites that ran on that server - including the Yuricon website.
      > > Philip was in his late twenties. He died of a sudden cerebral
      > > hemorrhage. I know that he will be missed by many people,
      > > including myself.
      > ...
      > I can't express how sad and depressed I am. There isn't a bleak enough
      > emoticon.
      > Thank you for bringing the awful news to us, Erica - it's
      > heartbreaking, but somebody had to do it. Poor Philip. We will all
      > miss him terribly.

      Ohmygod NO!!! Not Philip! He was so young!! WHY, GOD!?
      I feel so sorry for his family... how distressed they must be...

      What's going to happen to shoujoai.com now, I wonder?
      It'll be so bad if the site disappears...

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