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21835Re: [Yuricon] yuri/shoujo-ai game list I know

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  • Sethite Set
    Dec 3, 2006
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      Yes, such games are not usually translated into english. Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel was only one that I know.

      Angel's Song <hymn_of_night@...> wrote:
      May I know which games are in English? I really wish to play Simoun and Strawberry Panic, but they are and will be in Japanese right?

      Sethite Set <sethite_20@...> wrote:
      Simoun based game? Could be fun to pilot Simouns and  fight, but I think it will be visual novel too.
      Anyway, maybe some could do yuri rpg using rpg maker? Never heard about something like this?

      Eui Heo <eheo@sbcglobal. net> wrote:
      I'm wondering if this may be helpful.
      These are mostly text-based games and for adults except PS2 titles.
      Also, all of them are real yuri, which means no male protagonist.
      There're more titles beside them, of course.
      -already released-
      Saphism no Kensho
      Sono Hanabira ni Kuchitsuke wo (Doujin game)
      Hachi Kiss (Marimitte Doujin game)
      Akai Ito (PS2)
      Strawberry Panic (PS2)
      -to be released-
      Simoun - Rose War (PS2)
      Aoi Shiro (PS2)
      Kata Hane

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