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21545Yahoo Groups: excuses and suckage.

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  • Jen
    Oct 7, 2006
      I don't know if anyone else views the mailing list via the Yahoo ML
      website (I don't like floods of emails in my Outlook Express. With
      the website I can just click on emails whose title grabs my
      attention)... but Yahoo have definitely instituted a "we want you to
      go away" policy.

      Y'see, you have to login to Yahoo, and like any logins it keeps you
      logged in for a certain ammount of time. Usually until you clear out
      your browser's cookie cache. NOW it is different. Now Yahoo logs you
      out in 24hrs max, and after that it will ask you to login when you
      visit the site again.

      Ah, but what if I visit within 24hrs? Won't that reset the clock?
      Well... no. It is a hard set maximum time limit, and even if you
      visit 23hrs 55m later, it will prompt for your login details again in
      5 minutes.

      Me, I use Firefox. I have a folder of Morning bookmarks and Evening
      bookmarks (with Yuricon in both). That way I just click on Open All
      Bookmarks, and every single webpage will load, and I can just sit
      back, relax, and mouse-click-close each website I go through. NOW, I
      must sit up and enter details on the keyboard. Every time. Yes, that
      is WAY too much effort.

      ...which is why from now on I'll be checking out the ML once a week or
      so. Or whenever I can be bothered logging in. It happens.

      All this means is that I may not reply to certain threads until maybe
      several days later when everyone's moved on. Naturally, if I ever
      find goodies that are scan-worthy, I'll be posting it that very night.
      I just won't be up to date on current events, is all.

      Which means less snarky replies to Erica's posts. This is a good
      thing. ^__^

      Just letting ya know.

      (Oh, and I didn't get past episode 4 of Kashimashi, by the way. I
      just couldn't be bothered watching any more. I found it boring as
      hell. Not a confession, since I don't feel bad about it. All the
      Yuri in the world don't make a bad show good. It's can't be that I
      have high standards, since the following pic STILL makes me laugh.) ^__^


      Kisses XXOOXX