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21529Re: [Yuricon] (OT) Downloading Question

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  • Erin Subramanian
    Oct 3, 2006
      Andi, Andi Spring, Spring wrote:
      > I was wondering if you all thought it was safe enough to download from
      > lililicious. I'm currently living on campus at my college, so I was
      > wondering what you all thought.

      You can trust the files from Lililicious. Multiple people check over
      these files before they go up on the site, so if there were a virus
      (which is highly unlikely in and of itself), someone would catch it
      before it went up, and we're not into pranking-- we don't even do an
      April Fool's Day gag.
      Now, if you're asking if they're safe in terms of not sending you on an
      emotional roller coaster, I'm going to have to say no. ;)

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