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21244Re: [Yuricon] Welcome to our new - and long-lost - members!

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  • Sherlie Managbanag
    Aug 10, 2006
      hi! I'm she .. i became interested in yuri/shoujo ai anime'/manga because of the work of Konno Oyuki Sensei - Maria sama ga miteru..That's it!!!! Im currently watching Mai Otome, Simoun and Strawberry Panic.. I really enjoy and appreciates your reviews,comments and additional informations on the upcoming anime's in town.. It's like having a handbook/guide on choosing which yuri anime is worth the watch...thanks guys!!!!:D

      chai <teachai@...> wrote:
      Hallo, Token here.  I'm an almost 20-yr-old studying art history, religious studies, and Japanese at Indiana University: Bloomington, IN.  I don't know much about yuri thanks to the term's adoption by many porn sites out there, so I'm hoping to expand my experience of the genre.  Thus far I have to agree with Erica on the awesomeness of Haruka and Michiru.  ;)  Erm, think that's it!  Nice to meet y'all.


      atheniag wrote:
      Hello all!

      We have officially passed the 1500 person mark this week, so I
      thought it might be nice to say hello to all the folks who have
      joined recently.

      If you're new here, please take a moment to read the FAQs for this
      list at http://www.yuricon. org/faq.html Really. I mean it. Go *read*
      the page.

      When you have read our rules, feel free to jump in with a short
      intro, who your favorite yuri couple is, how you got into yuri, that
      sort of thing. :-) I'll start:

      My name is Erica Friedman, founder and preseident of Yuricon. I got
      into yuri through Sailor Moon and still think Haruka and Michiru are
      the Queens of Yuri. Currently watching Simoun and Strawberry Panic,
      and reading Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Majyo to (reviewed today
      on Okazu:http://okazu. blogspot. com).

      Before I go, I want to welcome back a long-lost friend to the list.
      In 2003, Menagi-chan was the vice chair of Yuricon 2003 and we're
      very, very pleased to have her back! Yay!

      So welcome to our friends, new and old - welcome to the Yuricon ML!



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