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21212Simoun 18 speculation (SPOILERS!)

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  • Adam Jones
    Aug 1, 2006





      ...and when I say "foreboding", I mean "farewell, Mamiina".

      Given the events of this episode, she's currently scoring a good 8.5
      on the stiff-o-meter. Consider:

      - Rodore's lullaby (still playing as they take off)

      - Yun's finally-completed soul-catcher (on their windowsill, no less)

      - That the religious hierarchy are prepared to give a funeral to an
      enemy who they consider as a sibylla, but that she's not even allowed
      to attend

      - The next episode's title

      - She's about to achieve her original dream (of flying with Neviril),
      and has clearly (even if she can't accept it) achieved her present
      one as well

      - "I thought you might be too nervous to sleep" (Indeed, that whole
      scene screams impending knife-twisting)

      Also, I don't think Parietta's quite fallen far enough for them to
      bump her off just yet.

      Of course, killing another of Neviril's pairs would be rather
      unfortunate... I'll be glad to be proven wrong, but right at the
      second I don't think she could be more doomed if her name was
      Doomed McDoomed of the Clan McDoomed.
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