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21070Re: [Yuricon] Marimite influence

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  • Nekotine / Alana
    Jul 6, 2006
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      as far as anime goes, i thought that episode of Ouran was poking a lot
      more at Sakura Taisen, minus THE POWER OF STEAM-err...i mean, their kobu.
      all the girls in the original cast are named after flowers and are
      required to perform in the theatre. hell, i think they even poked fun at
      some of the outfits the girls had to wear in their various shows. n.n;

      --- Resop <resop2@...> wrote:

      > * Ouran High School Host Club: Ouran High School has a cultural festival
      > where clubs from other schools are invited. From the Lobelia Girl's
      > Academy comes a fearsome idol theater club called the White Lily Society
      > - the Zuka Club (named after the Tarakazuka theater). They are Amakusa
      > Benio (Lady of the Red Rose), Maihara Chizuru (the Lady of the Lily) and
      > Tsuwabuki Hinako (the Lady of the Daisy) and they come to shame the host
      > club into quitting.
      > Craig

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