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20970Re: [Yuricon] Re: Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl End - what do we think?

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  • rosepress@aol.com
    Jun 23 9:25 AM
      In a message dated 6/23/2006 12:48:52 A.M. Central Standard Time, rhys@... writes:
      Basically I will say this. Setting aside the standard plot devices,
      random foolishness and very blatent dead ends I very much enjoyed
      this. I have not had my heart torn so much since my first viewing of
      The Ghost and Mrs Muir back in the 1950's. Overall, for me this is a
      wonderful love story. True, I would not have written it as it was
      written, but that is why the Gods granted more than one viewpoint in
      this world.
      The single thing I liked about this show was that each and every one of them was trying their best to be kind to each other. (Teachers, reporters, and parents excepted as being comic devices only, and aliens excepted as plot device more than personalities.) While the show demonstrated that occasionally focused kindness is needed more than universal kindness, the dramatic tension came from the conflict between kindness and reality.
      I'm not sure what I should do when the thirteenth episode comes out. But intentions aside, the reality is, I'll acquire it and watch it. And hope that it fits well. Sometimes (like Onegai Teacher) you really need that thirteenth, un-broadcast episode to end the series properly.
      Meanwhile, I'm waiting also to see what Princess Princess does about Megumi's secret. And, maybe, to find out why Akira isn't a princess too.
      Ellen Rose
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