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  • Shane
    Jun 5, 2006
      There are more hints to her being a lesbian in the manga. Anyways I think they left out the members concern that she was because in the first ep they left out her little saying that she was possibly "Bent that way" though they did leave that she was amused by girls fussing over her, and that it was cute that they fussed over her. But Tamaki rather clings to the  'bent that way' line in his rant that she could be gay. They tended to leave the other suggestionst here though, after all she is still a female posing as a male host. She just seems to not really be aware or really care about sexuality or dating of any kind. In fact realtionships of any kind can be lumped into that since she really doesn't make any effort to have or keep friends.

      rosepress@... wrote:
      In a message dated 6/5/2006 11:45:28 A.M. Central Standard Time, alecto_fury@... writes:
      It was pretty hysterical. I liked how they upped the absurdity of the
      Zuka-bu's rhetoric to match the utter idiocy of the Host Club's general

      But I also noticed that they cut out the Host Club's concern that Haruhi
      might, perhaps, (gasp!) be a lesbian.

      Well, yes, but they let the Zuka gals accuse Ouran's Fearless Leader of being a 'half", several times. I'm not too good on Japanese, but I'm excellent on innuendo, and at the very least they were calling him a girly-man.
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