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20799[OT] CPM needs your support

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  • atheniag
    May 31, 2006
      Hi all -

      Over the years we've run a variety of Yuricon events and contests and
      one of our constant supporters has been Central Park Media. They've
      been very generous to us in many ways, with bags, prizes, and other

      Well, CPM can use our help now, and so I'm emailing all of you.
      Because of the recent bankruptcy of Musicland, CPM has had to let a
      number of staff go. Right now, they can use your support - and in the
      real world, that means money.

      If you have ever considered buying that Utena Movie Box Set, or want
      to pick up all of the Chirality manga, now would be a really good time
      to do so. Visit http://www.centralparkmedia.com/centralpark/cpmhome.
      html. You can buy online direct through them.

      This is not an imperative, but if you need motivation to buy anime or
      manga (rather than downloading it) then you can think of yourself as
      doing a good deed and helping out a friend at the same time.