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20579Sailor Moon Paper Dolls

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  • rosepress@aol.com
    Apr 27, 2006
      Hi, folk!
      While I was in Thailand recently, I happened across several sheets of paper dolls which included the Inner Senshi. (No Outer, I'm afraid.) I put scans of them up in the files section of the Yuricon group.
      For those who want larger versions, they are available at http://washuu.net/dolls.htm .
      And now that I've done that - anybody want the sheets of doll? There's a lot that does not quite fit with the Sailor Moon theme - I rather doubt it WAS a theme, the designer was just picking up images here-and-there. The sheets are about one foot by two, light cardboard, and the dolls are cut out (a bit out of register) with some kind of stamping cutter. A few of them are rather loose. No charge, though if you want to send me the postage I wouldn't complain.
      Best - Ellen Rose
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