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20388shoujoai/yuri as Toronto Conventions

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  • Kathryn Williams
    Apr 1, 2006
      hi hi,

      I thought some of you might be interested to know that I've manages to get
      more shoujoai/yuri panels and showing as two toronto conventions. Paradise
      Comic Toronto Comicon has started a new anime section and have convinced
      them to allow for a panel on shoujo-ai and they will be showing Girl meets
      Girls as well. I'm working on getting them to play more series but seeing as
      they con is April 28th - 30th there is very little time left to get more
      scheduled. For more on this visit http://www.torontocomicon.com/ and for
      info on the anime part visit http://www.otakuisland.ca/home.htm

      Anime North has asked us to help raise awareness of shoujo-ai and Yuri this
      year. We have managed to arrange a "Romancing the Shoujo-ai way" panel for
      all ages and a lesbian writing/fanfiction panel so far. Also I'm working
      with the video programming to see what series we can slip into the schedule.
      I hope to have a list of series at our table so people will know what is
      playing. We have also been asked to help out in the years to come and AN
      fully support us promoting shoujo-ai/yuri more seeing as they already have a
      yaoi north part of the con they want more equality. For more info on AN
      check http://www.animenorth.com/

      For more info on our plans for the toronto area check out our new site and
      forum at http://www.shoujoai.ca

      Hope to see some of you there.

      jaa ne

      Writer/artist Kathryn K Williams