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20179Re: Quicky My HyMEN question

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  • windam_2000
    Mar 1, 2006
      > So. Which one is it? I need to settle on one, but I'm unsure which
      > to choose. The kanji of the Japanese title is MAI, but the official
      > Japanese website SUNRISE has MY-HIME as part of it's www address.
      > What's the US release going to be? "My Princess", or "Princess Mai?"

      I heard somewhere that "Mai" is syllabically the closest sounding
      kanji for My. But it also carries another meaning, which loosely
      translates to: the dancing princess

      Nagi occassionally makes a pun out of this -
      "You're the best dancer, Mai!"
      "It was nice knowing you, Mai Hime"

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