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20030Re: [Yuricon] Mai Otome 18 (Bubble, Bubble, SPOILS and Trouble)

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  • Chalcahuite
    Feb 13, 2006
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      On Feb 13, 2006, at 3:00 PM, Aaron the PK wrote:

      --- Chalcahuite <ximatl@...> wrote:

      Fallout from OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!111one 17 this week,
      focusing on the once  
      and future Queen of Windbloom.














      Since I didn't feel like writing a summary this
      week, and the sub is  
      out already this will be brief.

      Mashiro, scared and alone, learns about poor people,
      misery, mob  
      mentality, and loyalty. Which reinforces my belief
      that Mashiro will  
      end the series as Queen, else why add a character
      commentary episode so late, if she's going to get
      kicked to the curb?  
      Nope, Mashiro returns as Queen and starts a
      socialist reform of her  
      monarchy, which will cripple the economy 25 years
      later, but we'll  
      burn that bridge after we cross it.

      What I want to know is how Mashiro survived Arika and
      Nina's nuclear explosion.  

      Same way Mai survived her space adventure in MH: hand wave and an explanation in the DVD specials. 

      Natsuki and Nao roughing it will cement MO's ersatz
      Rosa Gigantea  
      family. Stay tuned for a Guarderobe jailbreak
      assisted with Nao's  
      violent mime gang. One of the best things about MO,
      has been Urayo's  
      hilarious fan art featuring Natsuki, btw. The last
      two with Natsuki  
      "rebuilding" Guarderobe and Nao improving it,

      That makes it seem like Nao may be the next to go. 
      That would suck if she get's offed before she can
      actually do something as a Pillar.

      If Nao does get offed, it'll be because she went against her better judgement. Which I don't see her doing right now, Pillar or not. 

      And I must find this Urayo person's fan art.

      It was nice  
      to hear Natsuki verbalize concern for Shizuru even
      if it was fourth  
      in her list of priorities.

      Well, at least they haven't completely forgotten
      everyone's favorite lesbian couple.

      Nope, the token bone we get every episode. Which is good for Sunrise considering their track record with other fan favorite couples with horrible contractions (AsuCaga anyone?) 

      Another plot hole/nitpick: Yukino states that Nagi
      didn't violate any international laws.  How is
      conspiring with a terrorist organization to invade a
      country NOT a violation of international law?

      Two answers for you: 1) International Law is a diplomatic nicety, to be used and abused while you reach for your big stick. 2) Audience privilege, we get to see and know more than the characters. 





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