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2Re: Apologies for the inconvenience!

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  • Tiryis Darkling ;)
    Nov 4, 2001
      --- In Yuricon@y..., anilesbocon01@h... wrote:
      > I mangaed to directly subscribe about half of you...the others will
      > have to resubscribe on their own.
      > It seems that Yahoo torpedoed the ALC group for some reason or
      > I've decided not to argue, but just move us to a new home, which
      > adequately reflects where we're going anyway. So...welcome to the
      > official home of ALC/Yuricon! :-)
      > Nows a great time to introduce yourself if you haven't already.
      > be updating the site today, for obvious reasons *smile* so be on
      > lookout for some news and stuff.
      > Cheers,
      > Erica

      It's all good... Sorry for lurking... I hate school... Grrr... Plus
      I can barely keep up with all the messages... Bye! Have a great day!

      Tiryis Darkling
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