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19948Re: [Yuricon] Hayate x Blade anime news...maybe

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  • Ashara Nymeros
    Feb 2, 2006

      I'm sincerely going to hate you Erica if this becomes a false lead. In the
      meantime, I shall do a small happy, de-lurking dance at the prospect of an
      Hayate Cross Blade anime.

      - Ashara

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      Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 11:00 AM
      Subject: [Yuricon] Hayate x Blade anime news...maybe

      > So next month the Hayate x Blade Drama CD comes out - 3/24 to be exact.
      > This month several interesting things have hinted strongly at a future
      > anime:
      > 1) In the March issue of Dengeki Daioh, there's a teeny little box at
      > the bottom of the HxB info/art/fan page with a picture that is
      > animation-type art, with a note that *next* month there will be a big
      > announcement.
      > 2) An animated advertisment for the Drama CD aired on TV this week.
      > Now...really, does anyone ever bother animating a Drama CD ad? (The
      > Drama CD website, btw, is now calling this "Volume 1".)
      > 3) A general sense of unrest and anticipation among the HxB
      > fandom...lol Okay, that's not really a reason, but you know how it is.
      > Anyway, with the Drama CD set to come out next month, I can only
      > assume that any announcement of an anime will be for the summer,
      > earliest, because they are not going to dilute interest in the CD.
      > But just in case anyone other than me has got their digits crossed... :-)
      > Cheers,
      > Erica
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